Cluny Associates

"Daily search for God's Will"



Our Associates

Who are the Associates ?
They are believers who have taken their baptismal commitment seriously, who wish to grow in ther faith and who join us in living the charism and spirituality of the Congregation in such a way that religious and laity alike affirm each other's vocation.
Who can be an Associate?

Any baptized adult, woman or man, who wishes to live Gospel values and is attracted by the spirit of Anne Marie Javouhey, finding in her vision an affinity with their own particular vision.

Cluny Associates are Christian women and men who strive to live a deeply spiritual life in the spirit of Blessed Anne Marie. They seek God's Will in their lives as they mutually support one another in:

  • Faith formation
  • Prayer formation
  • Study of the life, spirit and spirituality of Blessed Anne Marie and the community she founded
  • Getting to know the mission and actual missionary activity of the congregation

How does one become an Associate ? A time of formation is necessary to prepare to become an Associate. This formation is based on the knowledge of Anne Marie Javouhey, her spirituality and her charism, the history of the Congregation yesterday and today. It is a help for the Associates to deepen their knowledge of the Word of God, their Faith and their prayer life, and a support for living out the Gospel better in their daily life and in the Church. The Associates have regular meetings with one or more Sisters. Together they discover and deepen the gift of the charism which is already present in their lives and which they are called to live more fully. Associates can themselves be involved in organising the meetings and contributing to their formation. What does membership offer the Associate? By helping associates respond with greater awareness to their baptismal call, Cluny Associate membership leads more deeply into the daily search for God's Will. Through an increasing familiarity with the Scriptures and a greater fidelity to a regular life of contemplative prayer, associates become more attentive to God's presence in their lives. Levels of Commitment: Level 1: Formation Period – Interested persons come to meetings and grow spiritually by seeking to understand the Scriptures, especially the Gospels, through the prism of the spirituality Blessed Anne Marie bequeathed to her congregation. A person may choose to remain at this level.
Newcomers participate at:
  • Level 1 for approximately a year. If they feel called after a period of discernment, they request to make the commitment that brings them to Level 2. At no time is there any obligation to do this.
  • Level 2: Associates opt to make a formal commitment to following Christ according to the spirituality of Blessed Anne Marie because they see this commitment as a support in living this way of life. The candidate makes a commitment in the presence of Cluny Sisters and Associates for one year to live the gospel through the spirituality of Blessed Anne Marie. The committed member develops a 'ministry' wherever he or she is that flows out of the Cluny charism.
  • Level 3: The Associate requests to formally participate in a Cluny Mission. This requires a more total commitment that can involve leaving one's home and family and perhaps even country for a given period of time. At this level, commitment involves a longer discernment, both individually and with the Leadership of the Province.
    Financial Obligations The goal of lay associate membership is to share the charism and spirituality Blessed Anne Marie bequeathed to her congregation. Membership and commitment as a Cluny Associate involves no financial obligation either on the part of the Associate or of the Congregation.