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A Cluny school is a Christian community based on Catholic values, providing a secure, welcoming and ordered environment where individuals are encouraged and challenged to develop to their full potential as human beings and to respect both themselves and others.
The religious dimension of the school climate is expressed through the celebration of Catholic values in Word and Sacrament, inspiring individuals and promoting friendly and harmonious interpersonal relationships. Through this daily witness, the students will come to appreciate the uniqueness of the Gospel message. The display of religious emblems such as the crucifix reminds us of the moving presence of Jesus, the most sublime teacher.
Cluny education has, from its inception, devoted itself to the education of students from all levels of society from a perspective of justice. It challenges students to become aware of injustice in society and to work with others towards the dismantling of unjust structures so that the poor, the oppressed and the marginalised of the world are set free.
From the days of Ann Marie Javouhey there has never been a shortage of families and students, of different faiths, religions and nationalities who choose a Cluny school. They appreciate the value of an education where a religious dimension enhances instruction, where each individual is loved and valued and where different traditions are respected.
Cluny education has always encouraged a wide-ranging curriculum delivered in a way that liberates young minds from the constraints of ignorance and prejudice.
Students are encouraged to grow into confident, resourceful young women devoted to excellence, with a sense of responsibility and service.
The trustees, management and staff are committed to working together to make these aims a reality in the daily working life of the school.

"It is not sufficient to have taught them how to work and satisfy this purely material needs, they must also know how live with others and themselves and to realize what they owe to God and their brethren". Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey






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