cluny mission statement

Mission Statement

In Union with Christ


The Congregation of Sisters of Saint Joseph of Cluny

Founded in 1807 in Chalon by Anne-Marie Javouhey who consecrated herself to God on November 11th, 1798 during a clandestine Mass which had to be celebrated in a barn in Chamblanc. Anne-Marie Javouhey set out from this day to overcome any problems which came in her way. As Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny in the Province of Ireland & Great Britain, we are called to bring hope and compassion to our anguished world. We commit ourselves to the transformation of our world through communal contemplative prayer and to make the difficult choices which will release the energy and gifts of each sister for mission.

She was the woman who dared:

  • To stand as counter witness to the spirit of the age.
  • To search for God's Will for her in the challenge of her day.
  • To risk everything in complete confidence in order to announce Jesus Christ.
  • To believe in the dignity of the poorest and work to promote freedom from oppression.    

Mary Mother of GodAnne Marie never forgot to thank Mary"We are going to celebrate the month of Mary in thanksgiving. Both the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph protect us in a very special way" (470-9; 554-6).

St. Joseph of Cluny in the Caribbean

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