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  • The educational thrust of the congregation can be seen in the following variety of works
  • Traditional schools (kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, Higher Education) – private, or in some countries, state schools
  • Technical training in technical schools or other types of institutions.
  • After-school coaching given to students who need help ; other free-time activities
  • Psycho-educational services in schools
  • Evening classes for young persons or adults who are at work during the day
  • Hostels for young girls who live in rural areas far from their schools.
  • Literacy courses, including classes for immigrants, and for teaching the local language.
  • Basic education in prisons
  • Distance education (e-learning) Papua New Guinea

    Apart from these educational structures through which, in 2006, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny reached some 160 000 persons, the Sisters always aim to educate through their different activities, e.g. initiating mothers of the children whom they care for to a healthier life style, a more balanced diet, etc.

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Here too, there is great variety and creativity as new needs and opportunities arise. Besides numerous dispensaries, health care centres and hospitals where our Sisters are in charge or where they work in collaboration with others, they are involved in many other types of health care.

  • Preventive : vacinations, nutrition programmes, family education, defence of life from the moment of conception, medical camps with free consultations for those living in isolated villages etc…
  • Developmental : Centres for Mother/Child protection, natural family planning methods, official health projects, women's self-help groups etc.
  • Work with AIDS patients, those suffering from leprosy, the mental and physically handicapped, victims of polio, war amputees, rehabilitation centres.
  • Maternity centres, pharmacies, laboratories, parallel medicine (traditional phytotherapy) mobile dispensaries, even a boat dispensary.
  • Retirement homes for our aged Sisters which provide an atmosphere adapted to their needs.

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"May God be glorified! In everything and everywhere may his Holy Will be done!"
"He ran to the boy,
clasped him in his arms and kissed him tenderly." Luke 15:20b
Nursing Home

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Cluny Pastoral Work
This is done through education, pastoral work, health care activities and more specifically with certain groups, especially the weakest, those who are oppressed, those who are lacking even the most elementary requirements, most often women and children.

In their work of women's promotion, the Sisters organise many activities which have as a general aim making the women self-sufficient and capable of taking their rightful place in the family and the society. Through education and health care they are freed from the dependence which their society and culture impose on them. Micro-projects help them to develop their skills in several areas and to improve their lives. As groups are organized and the women are trained and taught to collaborate, they learn how to manage money and thus move on to carry out projects within their reach. displaced_people_aided_by Cluny_Sisters

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Sister Pamela Gurung
napal sister pamela sjc
Sister Pamela Gurung of Caritas at a border crossing with India in eastern Nepal. In this area, impoverished people are vulnerable to employment scams and human trafficking. In some cases, Nepali girls are tricked into leaving Nepal and end up in brothels in India.Photo:Flkickr

Trafficking's human face

By Laura Sheahen
Sr. Mary Sweeney
Woman religious in Makeni, Sr. Mary Sweeney, a sister of St. Joseph of Cluny, has served the longest (thirty-eight years).
by Patrick J. Hayes



haiti_cluny_pastoral_care Our Charism: "Passion for the liberation of the people of God.

I would like to be everywhere where there is danger and suffering to be alleviated" A.M.J.

Every suffering encountered was a cry to her compassionate heart. She responded to it: by freeing, educating and caring.

In several places the Sisters provide help and support for immigrants in search of work or better living conditions. In other places they show an interest in workers who are poorly paid or rejected by society. In India for example they helped the drivers of the cycle-rickshaws to start an association to defend their rights and improve their standard of education. In Brazil they formed a support group for manual workers. Also in India they started an organization to protect young girls who work as domestics in private homes ; the Sisters follow up hundreds of girls and intervene with the families if necessary, offering the workers a place where they can spend their free time if they wish, and helping them to build up a dowry.

Everywhere the Sisters' aim is to help people to live a full LIFE, giving them the means to do so and accompanying them on the way.

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