special intentions

Special Intentions

Immaculate Heart of Mary

special intentions




"The Virgin Mary has a special place in our lives. … Each year, on December 8th, the communities renew the act of donation of the Congregation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. (Pg. 27)

Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey

Let us pray … Most Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God, to you we come as to our Queen and Mother,confiding ourselves wholly to your loving Heart.
To this pure and Immaculate Heart of yours
we consecrate our persons, our prayers, works and sacrifices;
our life and our death, all that we have and all that we are.
To you we commend the holy Catholic Church;
Guide her in her search for God's Will
and strengthen her in living your "Yes" in today's world.
To your love we commend the whole world.
Grant that all men and women may understand and fulfill
the precept of your Divine Son: "Love one another,"
in order that true peace may be established through a justice
that is grounded in Christ Jesus Our Lord,