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Alive in Spirit

To do the Will of God


Cluny Spirituality-The hidden but vigorous root of Cluny spirituality

Cluny spirituality plunges us into the Gospel call of Christ, sent to do the Father's Will. It incorporates us into the Church's vast mission of evangelization and invites us into ongoing discernment of our response to the signs of the times.

Our Father's Love

"Our union with Christ, renewed each day in prayer and the Eucharistic sacrifice, intensifies our desire to proclaim the Good News. It encourages us to speak as well as to witness by our very presence ... reechoing the teaching of the Word Incarnate and stressing the Father's love for all." (Rule of Life, Art. 9)  By searching out the Holy Will of God, Anne-Marieour Blessed Foundress sought to bring meaning to her lived experience. Using the gospels as her measuring stick, she examined the evolving values of her day without rejecting the profoundly human values she had imbibed from her culture as a child. The values that measured up to the gospel, old or new, she integrated into her missionary life and work. "What makes Cluny Sisters different from other nuns?" a Cluny Associate once asked. "Our spirituality," came the prompt reply. "And what is that?" persisted the Associate. This article is an attempt to answer that question. 


    Sister Maeve

    Coming from different cultures and backgrounds, we work together, each contributing her talents in a spirit of collaboration. The Sisters of Saint Joseph of Cluny are called to be a sign for our world through the internationality and diversity that exists within our community life. Christ creates a communion among us and opens us to the mission. It is with Christ that we build community, a place of personal growth, spiritual support, conversion and pardon, discernment, shared mission and caring.

Rooted in Faith... Alive in Spirit

Anne Marie Javouhey